Analysis Techniques

Analysis Techniques

In order to better provide customers with analytical services, BOC Sciences is equipped with a series of top-notch instruments and equipment. We have hired professional equipment managers, and regularly organize business training to update our technical list. In order to ensure the accuracy of the analysis results, we will also get in touch with the equipment suppliers to maintain and calibrate all the instruments. More importantly, our analysis service can be provided to you as a separate service item.

Our analysis services run through the whole process of the project, and all data will be recorded in the book. The analytical methods used have also passed verification. Finally, it will be submitted to you and the quality supervision department together with the operator verification and QP statement.

Our Equipment List

Analysis Techniques 2

In addition to the above equipment, to bring you a more comprehensive service experience, we can also provide the following equipment:

Analysis Techniques 3

Microscopes and image analysis instruments

  • Optical microscopes
  • Laser confocal microscopes
  • Scanning probe microscopes
  • Image analyzers, etc.
Analysis Techniques 4

Electrochemical instruments

  •  Polar spectrometers
  •  Potentiometric titrators
  •  Ion concentration meters
  •  Acidity meters, etc.
Analysis Techniques 5

Biochemical separation and analysis instruments

  • Amino acid and peptide analyzers
  • Gel scanners
  • Biochemiluminescence analyzers
  • Peptide synthesizers
  • Biological macromolecule analysis systems
  • Centrifuges, etc.

Sample pretreatment and preparation equipment

Analysis Techniques 6
  •  Solid extraction device
  •  Supercritical extraction device
  •  Freeze dryer
  •  Oscillator
  •  Homogenizer
  •  Ultrasonic pulverizer, etc.

If you are interested in our analysis techniques, please contact us immediately. We are always ready to provide you with reliable services.

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