Process Chemistry

The process chemistry service provided by BOC Sciences can transform the compounds developed by the chemists discovered in the early stage into commercial products. We have a wide range of amplification equipment and production facilities to support large-scale commercial manufacturing. Our process chemists have a wealth of expertise and can "scale up" the reaction one-to-one, almost avoiding the amplification effect. We are committed to developing efficient, safe, economical and clean synthetic routes for your drugs and accelerating the process of final marketing.

Process Chemistry

What is Process Chemistry?

Process chemistry is a bridge connecting discovery chemistry and commercial production, and an important guarantee for products from the laboratory to the clinic and the market. This involves combining theoretical knowledge with practice, and it takes a lot of time for process design and parameter adjustment. Finally, analytical methods are needed to verify that the scaled-up product is consistent with the product obtained in the laboratory in all aspects, in order to demonstrate the success of the process development. Process chemistry plays a vital role in achieving successful manufacturing on a larger scale.

Our Process Chemistry Services

Process chemistry plays a crucial role in drug development by designing and optimizing chemical processes for the synthesis of drug molecules. Here are our process chemistry service capabilities for drug development:

Process Chemistry

Synthesis of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)

Our process chemistry can be used to design and optimize chemical synthesis routes of APIs, including selection of appropriate starting materials, design of reaction conditions (such as temperature, pressure and catalysts) and identification of purification steps to improve the yield, selectivity and efficiency of synthetic routes.

Process Optimization

Once a synthetic route to the API is developed, technicians from BOC Sciences will optimize the process through process chemistry to identify and eliminate impurities, reduce reaction time and increase yield. This helps to reduce costs and improve the quality of the final product.

Process Scale-up

Our process chemistry can support the scale-up of API synthesis from laboratory scale to commercial scale production. Our R&D team is well equipped to optimize reaction conditions, identify and eliminate potential safety hazards to develop efficient and sustainable processes.

Formulation Development

In addition, our process chemistry is used in the formulation development of pharmaceuticals, including the design and optimization of chemical processes used to produce pharmaceutical formulations such as tablets, capsules and injections.

Our Process Chemistry Capabilities

  • A large number of experienced process chemists with PhDs guarantee the smooth progress of the project.
  • Develop a detailed process technology plan, conduct a scaled-up test experiment, and record the test results.
  • Use a variety of analytical methods to detect the process and adjust it in time.
  • Use the principle of orthogonal experiment for multivariate analysis to ensure the best match between all operating parameters in the end.
  • Rely on excellent troubleshooting and analysis capabilities to solve the obstacles in the process route in time to ensure the progress of the project.
  • Optimize existing processes according to your needs (such as reducing costs, improving purity and safety).
  • Using computer simulation technology to predict the impact of the adjustment of the process route on the performance of the final product.
  • Familiar with the guiding laws and regulations of various countries.

Our process chemistry services have helped nearly a hundred drugs to achieve commercial scale manufacturing and successfully enter the market. BOC Sciences can provide rich technical guidance and regulatory support for the entire product process development. In addition, we can provide a powerful process verification services. Any process modification will be recorded to generate the required data and submitted in the final stage of the project. We always keep in close contact with our customers and do our best to meet all their needs in process development. If you are interested in our process chemistry services, please contact us immediately.

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