Biological Catalysis Platform

Biological Catalysis Platform

In order to build a green chemical system, BOC Sciences can provide a biological catalysis technology platform in addition to a continuous flow platform. As a special biocatalyst, the use of enzymes can not only save production costs, increase reaction selectivity and speed, but also have the advantages of safety and environmental friendliness. We are one of the first companies to introduce enzyme biocatalysis technology into the pharmaceutical industry and carry out large-scale production.

Our enzyme catalysis platform is a truly one-stop service platform, including enzyme discovery, screening, evolution, strain transformation, fermentation, immobilization, industrial production and the development of catalytic processes.

Biocatalysis is an important tool in modern chemical synthesis. BOC Sciences is constantly expanding our professional capabilities to empower chemical reactions. Our enzyme engineers have developed a variety of highly active enzymes for industrial purposes and applied them in commercial production.

At present, our platform is being upgraded in two directions. One is to construct a multi-enzyme cascade reaction system; the other is to transform the gene sequence corresponding to the enzyme through directed evolution, so that it can have a wide range of substrate universality. Catalyze new chemical reactions. Our goal is to better serve your drug development and manufacturing process.

Biological Catalysis Platform 2

Compared with traditional small molecule catalysts, biological enzyme catalysts have their unique advantages. Biological enzymes can efficiently bind substrates to reduce the activation energy barrier of reactions, stabilize highly active intermediates through weak interactions, and can precisely control the conformation of the substrates to achieve stereospecificity. In addition, with the aid of genetic means, biological enzymes can be easily modified, with adjustable and easy-to-rewrite properties, which further expands their application in the field of synthetic chemistry.

Our Ability

As a leader in the fields of microbial fermentation, enzymes and biocatalysis, BOC Sciences has an excellent R&D team and large-scale production capabilities.

  • Fermentation workshop equipped with a full set of automated production equipment
  • Complete fermentation equipment (fermentation tank), bioreactor, etc. (5L to 1500L)
  • Clean workshop in compliance with GMP verification
  • Annual production of hundreds of tons of green enzymatic pharmaceutical intermediates
  • A huge enzyme library of more than 1,000 enzymes is available for rapid screening
  • Use genetic engineering, enzyme engineering, fermentation engineering and enzyme catalysis to develop new enzymes
  • Optimization of fermentation process

At present, there are dozens of R&D and production bases in many places around the world. Relying on a sound quality management system and continuous technological innovation, our technology platform has always been in a leading position in the world. We take your needs as our responsibility and provide the best quality service.

If you are interested in our biological catalysis platform, please contact us immediately.

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