Biological Coupling Technology Platform

Biological Coupling Technology Platform

To help customers develop high-quality conjugated drugs, BOC Sciences has built a world-leading bioconjugate technology platform. We can combine the research of highly active small molecules and biological reagents to advance the project to the clinical stage at the fastest speed.

Currently, we have accumulated a wealth of research data and practical project experience on the interaction of small molecules and biological reagents. We are committed to continuously optimizing coupling technology and production capacity, providing an integrated coupling technology platform from early R&D to GMP production. Our coupling platform has numerous applications in different branches of life sciences, including drug and gene delivery, bioassays, imaging, and biosensing. Our mission is to provide customers with top-notch services and do our best to benefit patients with diseases around the world.


Bioconjugation refers to the method of linking two molecules through a stable covalent bond. At least one of the two molecules is a biomolecule or biomolecule recognition element, while the nature of the other molecule depends on the purpose of the bioconjugation. Bioconjugates are a form of functionalization designed to improve stability, protect drugs from proteolysis, or enhance the targeting properties of delivery systems. BOC Sciences has built the world's leading bioconjugation technology platform. Our platform is designed to provide customers with tailor-made services to add interesting features.

Basic schematic of bioconjugate design and structure Fig.1 Basic schematic of bioconjugate design and structure (Perihan, E. et al. 2019).

BOC Sciences' coupling technology platform enables a variety of bioconjugation reactions, such as amine reactions, thiol reactions, carboxylate reactions, hydroxyl reactions, aldehyde and ketone reactions, active hydrogen reactions, photochemical reactions or cyclo-addition reactions, etc. The design of a bioconjugate depends primarily on its uses, purposes, and desired properties. Once the above factors are identified, we select the appropriate molecules and appropriate cross-linking agents to form individualized and custom-designed bioconjugates. One of the largest and most important application areas for our bioconjugation technology is in the field of therapy and diagnostics.

Our Technologies

Our bioconjugation technologies include but are not limited to the following types:

Biological Coupling Technology Platform

BOC Sciences can also provide complete analytical methods for the characterization of bioconjugates, delivering comprehensive analytical reports while providing you with your target product.

If you are interested in our biological coupling technology platform, please contact us immediately.


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