Process Development

BOC Sciences has a team of scientists with efficient development capabilities that can solve complex technical challenges and accelerate the pace of products entering the market. We can provide advanced process development services, and realize smooth technology transfer, reduce product quality problems, and effectively save costs. Our process development continues from laboratory synthesis to final product release, including a series of operations such as discovery chemistry, pilot scale-up, process optimization, and analytical verification.

BOC Sciences has introduced effective project management strategies and procedures in the process development, which can not only coordinate the cooperation between different departments and promote the operation of the project; it can also establish close contact with customers and communicate the progress of the project in a timely manner. In order to reduce risks, our development strategy combines both DoE and QbD methods to achieve better process control and a more robust process.

Our Advantages

  • More than 80% of BOC Sciences' R&D personnel have a master's degree or above, have rich process expertise and project experience, and can enthusiastically provide high-quality process development services and high-quality products.
  • BOC Sciences has four production bases with a total annual production capacity of nearly 1,000 tons. Our manufacturing bases are all operated in accordance with G MP and are regularly reviewed by relevant agencies.
  • BOC Sciences has a full range of development capabilities, focusing on providing innovative process solutions. We are proficient in low temperature reactions, HP-HT synthesis, Grignard reaction, oxidation reaction, reduction reaction, hydrogenation reaction, enzyme-catalyzed reaction, etc. Our professional skills can bring a greater success rate to your project.
  • Starting from the proof of concept, BOC Sciences can provide a series of development services such as route discovery, process improvement and optimization, stability analysis, key process parameter determination, process scale-up, impurity identification and process evaluation.

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