Continuous Flow Chemistry Platform

Continuous Flow Chemistry Platform

Continuous flow chemistry is increasingly used in the pharmaceutical industry as a process-enhancing technology. As a leading development service provider, BOC Sciences has developed a series of advanced continuous flow chemistry platforms using our accumulated expertise in chemistry and pharmaceutical manufacturing for many years. Our flow chemistry system can be used in the multi-step complex drug synthesis process, with the widest range of chemical reactions and ultimate ease of use.

Continuous flow technology is different from traditional batch reactors and refers to reactions that are carried out in a pipeline in a continuous manner. Compared to batch reactors, continuous flow technology can perform reactions that are more difficult to perform in batch mode. In addition, in the continuous flow process, only part of the material is always reacted. The reaction volume is low, not only easier temperature control, but also higher pressure adaptability, which greatly improves the process safety. Flow processing provides better selectivity, is more environmentally friendly, has a smaller footprint, and can provide an accelerated amplification path from proof-of-concept research to large-scale manufacturing.

Continuous Flow Chemistry Platform 2

Our continuous flow technology platform can provide our partners with more efficient, safer and more cost-effective synthesis strategies. Our platform can achieve thousands of kilogram-level manufacturing projects under a wide range of reaction conditions, and is an excellent benchmark in the industry.

Our platform has production flexibility and can be tailored to your chemical reactions. We provide a variety of flow chemistry equipment with modular performance, which can be configured according to the chemical reaction you need to simplify the work process. In addition, our full range of flow reactors have excellent chemical resistance and can adapt to a wide range of reaction conditions (including pressure, temperature, etc.) to achieve multiple applications.

Our reactors have the precise reaction parameter control systems and data transmission systems, which can achieve higher yield and better selectivity, and at the same time realize real-time online analysis of reaction change factors.

Platform Advantage

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BOC Sciences' continuous flow chemistry platform can be applied to the entire product cycle from concept to manufacturing. We will continue to develop our continuous flow chemistry technology to provide you with a wider range of synthesis and manufacturing services.

If you are interested in our continuous flow chemistry platform, please contact us immediately.

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