Discovery Chemistry

BOC Sciences is a creative chemical development company. We maximize our customer base through efficient development capabilities. Our market competitiveness lies in our strong team of chemists with many achievements. BOC Sciences always insists on the introduction of talents, so as to continuously break the upper limit of ability, and do our best to provide customers with more comprehensive discovery chemistry services. Our chemists all work in modern laboratories and operate the most advanced equipment. We also combine traditional development methods with informatics and artificial intelligence, and use the powerful analysis and calculation capabilities of computers to accurately grasp the performance of candidate objects. Up to now, our mature capabilities include small molecule APIs and intermediates, peptides, nucleotides, steroids, carbohydrates, building blocks and marker compounds.

Our Discovery Chemistry Services

As a service provider that provides chemical solutions, our services always adhere to the needs of customers. This includes a series of projects such as synthesis of several milligrams to hundreds of grams of target molecules, analysisand verification, and registration and filing for you. We have good project management capabilities. We will organize professionals and build laboratories for each project, and use scientific management models to ensure the smooth operation of the project. Over the years, we have reached cooperation agreements with nearly a hundred companies, helping them design and synthesize tens of thousands of molecules, some of which have made significant contributions to the clinical pipelines. Our discovery chemistry service provides the following support:

Our discovery chemistry support services

Our Synthesis Capabilities

BOC Sciences offers a wide range of high-quality small molecule APIs and intermediates, peptides, nucleotides, steroids, carbohydrates, building blocks and labeled compounds. We have a wealth of chemical knowledge and can perform various chemical reactions, including halogenation, low-temperature reactions, metal chemistry, chiral chemistry, etc. Our discovery service enables us to serve customers throughout the drug value chain. In order to speed up the development process and ensure product quality, we cooperate with top raw material suppliers and arrange for professional procurement departments to purchase.

Small Molecule APIs and Intermediates

Small molecule APIs and intermediates are an important part of drug discovery and development. BOC Sciences offers a full range of small molecule APIs and intermediates, including but not limited to anti-cancer drugs, anti-inflammatory compounds, antiviral drugs and enzyme inhibitors. These compounds are designed and synthesized by BOC Sciences' team of skilled chemists using the latest processes and technologies to ensure high purity and quality.

Peptide Synthesis Services

Peptides are another important class of compounds in drug discovery, with a wide range of potential therapeutic applications. BOC Sciences provides custom peptide synthesis services, including solid-phase peptide synthesis, solution-phase peptide synthesis, and peptide modification. BOC Sciences' peptides are synthesized using high-quality raw materials and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure purity and consistency.

Nucleotide Synthesis Services

Nucleotides are essential building blocks of DNA and RNA and play key roles in many biological processes. BOC Sciences offers a variety of nucleotides, including standard nucleotides, modified nucleotides, and nucleotide analogs. These compounds are synthesized using advanced synthetic methods and are of research grade and GMP grade quality.

Steroid Synthesis Services

Steroids are a class of compounds with a wide range of biological activities. BOC Sciences offers a variety of steroids, including hormonal, corticosteroids, and anabolic steroids. These compounds are synthesized using advanced technology and are available in standard and custom formulations.

Carbohydrate Synthesis Services

Carbohydrates are important biomolecules that play crucial roles in many biological processes, including intercellular recognition, signal transduction, and energy storage. BOC Sciences offers a variety of carbohydrates, including monosaccharides, oligosaccharides, and polysaccharides. These compounds are synthesized using enzymatic or chemical methods and come in natural and modified forms.

Building Blocks Synthesis Services

Building blocks are key components in the synthesis of complex molecules such as drugs and agrochemicals. BOC Sciences offers a variety of building blocks, including amino acids, heterocycles, and alkylating agents. These compounds are designed to facilitate the synthesis of a variety of target molecules and are available in standard and custom formulations.

Labeled Compound Synthesis Services

Labeled compounds are important tools in drug discovery and development because they allow researchers to track the fate of compounds in biological systems. BOC Sciences offers a variety of labeling compounds, including stable isotopes, radiolabeled compounds and fluorescent probes. These compounds are synthesized using premium raw materials and are available in research and GMP grade quality.

Information Security

At BOC Sciences, information security is of utmost importance in our drug discovery chemistry projects. We enforce a strict confidentiality mechanism for all development projects, ensuring that sensitive information is protected at all times. To further safeguard data, we require all personnel involved in project development to sign a confidentiality agreement. Our operating model is centered around efficient project management, allowing us to effectively oversee and secure all aspects of the drug discovery process.


One of the biggest advantages of working with us is that you can choose the cooperation mode flexibly. Currently, we provide 4 cooperation modes, including:

  • One-stop service. You only need to provide your needs, from molecular screening to design and synthesis are all completed by us.
  • You provide the target molecule, and the specific synthesis route and process will be developed by us.
  • You provide synthesis and process technology, and our manufacturing department is responsible for mass production.
  • From our services list, choose the type of services you need tocombine.

Case Study

At BOC Sciences, we recently had a client who wanted to synthesize a complex peptide for their research project. They had turned to us for our expertise in peptide synthesis, specifically our design and process optimization services. Our experienced team of chemists work closely with customers to design custom peptide synthesis routes that meet their specific requirements. Through in-depth analysis and optimization of the synthesis process, we helped customers identify potential challenges and developed solutions to ensure successful outcomes. Thanks to our design and process optimization services, our clients was able to advance their research projects and achieved their goals in a timely manner. They were so satisfied with the results that they established a long-term relationship with us.

Case study of discovery chemistry

In addition, BOC Sciences' active API synthesis services have helped numerous customers achieve their drug development and research goals. One success story comes from a pharmaceutical company that was working to find a reliable and efficient way to synthesize key active pharmaceutical ingredients for new cancer treatments. Working with BOC Sciences, the company was able to synthesize the API they needed quickly and cost-effectively. BOC Sciences' team of expert chemists worked closely with the company to develop a custom synthesis plan that met its specific requirements and deadlines.


1. What is Discovery Chemistry?

Discovery chemistry is a branch of chemistry focused on the identification and synthesis of new compounds. It involves the exploration of chemical reactions and properties to discover new molecules that may have potential applications in various fields such as medicine, materials science and agriculture. Discovery chemistry often involves the use of high-throughput screening techniques and computational methods to efficiently search and analyze new compounds.

2. What does discovery chemistry include?

Discovery chemistry is primarily used to support pharmaceutical development projects, such as the development of lead compounds, drug candidates, and new drugs. Discovery chemistry generally includes synthetic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, library chemistry, peptide chemistry, computer chemistry and analytical services.

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