Discovery Chemistry

BOC Sciences is a creative chemical development company. We maximize our customer base through efficient development capabilities. Our market competitiveness lies in our strong team of chemists with many achievements.

BOC Sciences always insists on the introduction of talents, so as to continuously break the upper limit of ability, and do our best to provide customers with more comprehensive discovery chemistry services. Our chemists all work in modern laboratories and operate the most advanced equipment. We also combine traditional development methods with informatics and artificial intelligence, and use the powerful analysis and calculation capabilities of computers to accurately grasp the performance of candidate objects. Up to now, our mature capabilities include small molecule APIs and intermediates, peptides, nucleotides, steroids, carbohydrates, building blocks and marker compounds.

As a service provider that provides chemical solutions, our services always adhere to the needs of customers. This includes a series of projects such as synthesis of several milligrams to hundreds of grams of target molecules, analysisand verification, and registration and filing for you. We have good project management capabilities. We will organize professionals and build laboratories for each project, and use scientific management models to ensure the smooth operation of the project. Over the years, we have reached cooperation agreements with nearly a hundred companies, helping them design and synthesize tens of thousands of molecules, some of which have made significant contributions to the clinical pipelines.

Our discovery chemistry service provides the following support:

Discovery Chemistry Services

We have a wealth of chemical knowledge and can perform various chemical reactions, including halogenation, low-temperature reactions, metal chemistry, chiral chemistry, etc. Our discovery service enables us to serve customers throughout the drug value chain. In order to speed up the development process and ensure product quality, we cooperate with top raw material suppliers and arrange for professional procurement departments to purchase.

Information Security

All development projects implement a strict confidentiality mechanism. We will sign a confidentiality agreement with the personnel involved in the development of the project to ensure information security. Our operating model revolves around efficient project management.


One of the biggest advantages of working with us is that you can choose the cooperation mode flexibly. Currently, we provide 4 cooperation modes, including:

Discovery Chemistry Services 2

If you are interested in our discovery chemistry services, please contact us immediately.

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