Technology Platforms

With technology as its core driving force, BOC Sciences is committed to providing high-tech development and production platforms. Our R&D center has more than 2,000 scientists and nine world-class technology platforms, which can meet the development and manufacturing of various chemical synthesis drugs. BOC Sciences is strengthening strategic deployment, exploring new business areas, deploying new technology platforms, and continuously improving our CDMO service capabilities.


Continuous Flow Chemistry Platform

The efficient, flexible and scalable continuous chemical platform can meet nearly a hundred reaction types and provide comprehensive process development and optimization services.

Biological Catalysis Platform

The high-quality catalytic platform provides services such as new enzyme development, fermentation, immobilization, and catalytic process development to better assist green production.


HPAPIs Development Platform

Provide development services for complex and highly active APIs, as well as drug application and registration.

Crystallization Technology Platform

Focus on researching the solid form of drugs, and provide professional technical services such as crystal form screening, crystallization process development and optimization.


Supercritical Fluid Chromatography Platform

Mainly used for the separation and identification of complex APIs and intermediates, especially the screening of chiral analysis methods; and the development of separation and purification methods in the scale-up process.

Biological Coupling Technology Platform

The integrated coupling technology platform from early research and development to GMP production can also provide a complete analysis method for the characterization of antibody-drug conjugates.


Impurity Control Platform

By adding appropriate control measures in the process development and scale-up process to control impurities and provide better product quality.

Peptide Synthesis Platform

Focus on using advanced synthesis technology to solve a series of complex peptide modification problems, and we are dedicated to solving your special needs.


Asymmetric Hydrogenation Platform

The world's leading asymmetric hydrogenation technology platform can provide efficient synthesis services for chiral intermediates and APIs.

High-throughput Synthesis Platform

The world's leading custom platform for high-throughput synthesis of oligonucleotides, capable of providing synthesis scales from micrograms to kilograms.


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