Macromolecules Custom Development

In addition to small molecule APIs, BOC Sciences also provides development services for large molecules. Our macromolecule CDMO platform includes peptides, oligonucleotides, steroids and hormones, etc., which can provide global customers with process development and production services from pre-clinical to commercialization. With high-quality services and unique technical advantages, we are widely acclaimed in the field of macromolecular APIs. Our passionate team of scientific experts is always ready to serve you.

Macromolecules Custom Development

In recent years, the market size of macromolecular APIs has been expanding continuously and is in a stage of rapid growth. In order to cater to market demand, BOC Sciences is actively expanding its business, introducing and developing the most advanced technology for the research and development of macromolecular products. Our current development model is a dual-track model in which customized products and manufacturing services are parallel.

The structure of the macromolecular bulk drug is complex, the production process is complex, and the steps are numerous, sometimes exceeding a hundred steps, which greatly increases the difficulty and cost of production. In order to actively help you solve the above problems, BOC Sciences has assembled a high-quality team of more than 300 chemists, and established a huge knowledge network system for macromolecular drugs. We aim to solve the technical bottlenecks in your macromolecule research and development process, the optimization of the production process path, and the scale-up production. We have the ability to ensure the efficient operation of the entire project.

Our macromolecule solutions have a quality system that meets international standards. From the beginning of the supply of raw materials, we have introduced a quality evaluation system. In cooperation with many companies, BOC Sciences has established a high-quality reputation. We are constantly optimizing our project management system to further accelerate your drug development process, to help you seize the opportunity in the market and occupy a leading position in the industry.

Continuous R&D investment

Focusing on major clinical needs and technological progress, we are continuously increasing R&D and innovation efforts to improve the overall level. After years of experience accumulation, BOC Sciences has built more than ten technical platforms including coupling technology, which provides sufficient guarantee for the company's R&D and innovation. We have cooperative projects in the treatment of many major diseases such as AIDS, tumors, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes. In addition, we also conduct independent research and development of innovative drugs and generic drugs.

We provide:

  • Customized synthesis of macromolecules, including liquid-phase and solid-phase synthesis of peptides; development of complex oligonucleotides, etc.
  • Synthetic route design, process condition selection and control, starting material and reagent selection and application, reaction device design, etc.
  • Analytical services and capabilities for the identification and characterization of macromolecules, including purity analysis, impurity identification, etc.
  • Scale-up manufacturing, technology transfer, stability research and other services

If you are interested in our macromolecules custom development service, please contact us immediately.

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